Welcome to the Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group!

The Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group (SFSAR) is a search and rescue (SAR) team recognized as a state-certified team by the State of New Mexico.

We are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and participate in searches throughout the state.

We have over 50 members and our members are required to become certified by the state as “NM State Field Certified” personnel. Many members are qualified in search team leadership, winter rescue team leadership, technical rescue team leadership, tracking, medical skills, and mission management. Many have Amateur Radio Licenses.

SFSAR specializes in ground searches, winter searches, vehicle searches, technical (low angle) rescues and emergency locator transmitter (ELT) searches.

Among the equipment we provide and maintain are: wheeled Stokes litter, 2 SKED litters and litter packaging, low angle raising and lowering equipment, hardware and ropes, snowshoe and winter search equipment, avalanche transceivers and probes.

 Our Mission

To provide trained teams to participate in searches for persons who are missing, injured or lost.