Lost Female and Her Dog in the Galisteo Preserve

At approximately 6:30pm on Thursday, March 24th, 2016, a 60 year old female called 911 and reported she had been hiking in the Galisteo Preserve south east of Santa Fe and had become lost. Being in Santa Fe Search and Rescue’s back yard, a SFSAR team was quickly assembled consisting of command staff, a communications team, and two ground search teams. SFSAR has conducted several training exercises in this area and was well familiar with the terrain and trail system. An Incident Base and Communications Unit were established at the Cowboy Shack and two ground teams were deployed to trails south of that location. At approximately 11:30pm, the subject responded to sound sweeps by Team 1 and was physically located at 11:54pm with her dog, approximately one mile west of the Cottonwood trailhead. She was mildly hypothermic being lightly dressed for a short day hike. She was medically assessed, warmed, nourished and determined to be capable of being escorted out on foot. Team 2 was redeployed to intercept Team 1 and the subject to assist with the evacuation.

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