Missing Boy Scout

On June 28, 2016, 5 scouts and 2 adult leaders were camped near Jack’s Creek on the southeast side of Pecos Baldy. At about 7pm, one of the scouts climbed up the ridge west of camp alone. When he did not return a search by the leaders was initiated with no results. One of the leaders hiked out of the area for help. State Police notified the acting Search and Rescue Field Coordinator in District 1 and a Search and rescue Mission was initiated at 2:30 am on the 29th. Initial responders comprised of a ground team and Horse team were given assignments and were in the field by 6:30am. Those resources arrived at the scout campsite at about 9:00am and found that the missing scout had not found his way back to that location.

The ground team was split into two teams at that point and tasked with one team following the Panchuela trail west of Jack’s Creek south to Incident Base (IB) and the other team following trail 259 to Beatty’s Flats and then back to IB. The Horse team was tasked with proceeding from the scout camp up to Pecos Baldy Lake. These actions yielded no results.

At about 3:00pm personnel working at IB heard someone calling south of the Jack’s Creek Campground and upon investigating, found the scout there. The scout reported that after realizing that he was lost, spent the night huddled under a log and after daylight found a stream (Jack’s Creek) and decided to follow it down. He came out just south of the Jack’s Creek campground and was met there by his father who had been standing by at IB.

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