Hamilton Mesa Medical Emergency

On May 30th, 2017, State Police reported that a 68 year old male who had hiked into the Hamilton Mesa area on the Pecos River with two family members for a camping and fishing outing required medical assistance and extraction from the area. After arriving at their camp site, the subject became ill and extremely fatigued and unable to perform any normal activity. Family members hiked out the following morning and contacted State Police requesting assistance. A Mission was called out that afternoon with responders from local Firefighters, County Sheriff’s Posse, Santa Fe SAR and Atalya SAR and ultimately the National Guard Blackhawk crew to execute the extraction. Ground teams reached the subject in late afternoon, performed a medical assessment, provided comfort, and stood by awaiting the arrival of mounted horse teams to transport the subject out. Due to the inability to move the subject, extremely difficult terrain, heavy downfall, darkness and concern that a more serious medical emergency was evolving, the initial extraction plan was aborted and the National Guard’s assistance was requested and approved. After the subject was recovered and transported to the hospital, a member of one of the ground teams became ill requiring medical treatment and all ground teams remained in place to support that emergency. The Blackhawk crew returned to the extraction site, provided medical assistance and returned to base. The Mission moved into a second Operational Period as all resources in the field bivouacked for the night before returning to Incident Base the following morning.

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