Lost Hikers Near Santa Fe Ski Basin

On March 21st, 2017, at 9:00 pm, a Search and Rescue Mission was initiated to locate and assist three out of state hikers who reportedly began their day hike on the Borrego Trail below the Santa Fe Ski Area. A short cell phone contact was accomplished by the Incident Management Team where the subjects reported information establishing clues to where they might be and concerning information about how ill prepared they were for the night time temperatures on the mountain. The hikers reported they were dressed in tee shirts, shorts and low cut running shoes and had no water, food or lights. They also reported that their cell phone was at 8% battery power which could result in no further cell phone contact. The hikers were advised to stay at their present location. Three Search and Rescue Ground Teams were deployed from different trail heads toward the suspected location of the hikers and at 11:30 pm, they were located near Aspen Ranch off the Rio Medio Trail. The hikers were medically assessed, sheltered, warmed, fed and provided with warm clothing. After ensuring the hikers were ready to hike out, they were escorted back to Incident Base via the Rio Medio Trail arriving there at 2:30 am March 22nd. The experience demonstrates the need for all venturing into wilderness areas to be prepared for all possible conditions with proper clothing, water, food and survival gear no matter how short a time they plan to be out.

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