Missing Snow Boarder – Taos Ski Valley

At 9:00pm on February 14th, 2017, a Mission was initiated to find a male snow boarder at the Taos Ski Valley who had failed to pick up his children at the  Ski School at day’s end and was determined to be missing. The resort Ski Patrol with additional personnel, had swept the slopes during normal closing operation with no sign of the missing snow boarder. Search and Rescue personnel out of Santa Fe and Taos were activated and the first Operational Period was launched shortly after midnight. The first Operational Period was hampered by darkness, steep terrain and ice, with one area cleared. Overnight temperatures were in the low teens. The second Operational Period was launched at 9:00am the following morning supported by the resort Ski Patrol, and additional ground personnel. During the afternoon, the Ski Patrol discovered tracks heading out of bounds off Kachina Peak. Those tracks were followed and the snow boarder was subsequently found in good health, and escorted out of the area. Had the subject not have been prepared  for the night out with extra clothing and nourishment, the results could have been more serious.

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