2018-01 Field Training

January 20, 2018 @ 16:00 – 23:00
Ski Basin

This will be our first training event of 2018. The topic is something that we do a lot of – night searching – and will be conducted out of the Ski Basin.

The objectives for this training are:
– Conduct hasty and area searches in a night environment
– Practice navigation and position reporting
– Become acquainted (or reacquainted) with the use of personal gear at night
– Practice layering/shedding principles in cold, high altitude environment
– Recognize personal limits/comfort levels in cold, high altitude environment
– Determine if you have the gear you need, and does what you have perform as expected

We will go into this training as though it was a deep winter mission, so please bring your compete winter search pack, to include spikes and snowshoes, as well as a means for securing and carrying team gear. (Yes, I know there’s not been a whole lot of snow lately, but sometimes we do carry our snowshoes for a while before we need to put them on…all part of the “Train as you would fight” training mentality).

– Eldorado folks will meet at the Shed in time for a 1600 departure (i.e. Be there in time to help pick out and load the team gear)
– Townies meet in front of Starbucks at DeVargas in time for a 1615 departure
– If going direct to the Ski Basin, please be at the Windsor TH NLT 1645
***As this is a night training event, and in keeping with SFSAR safety protocol, no one should be driving alone to this exercise***

This training event will require Ground Pounders, IMT personnel, and Comms.
If you will be attending this training, please reply to me directly as soon as possible in order to help determine the amount of other resources to deploy for this training.