2018-04 Field Training – Search Techniques

April 21, 2018 @ 08:00 – 16:00
April 21, 2018 field training
Galisteo Basin Preserve
Astral Valley Rd, Lamy, NM 87540
Jim Knight
505 466 2949

April Field Training will cover search techniques.

Location – TBD – either Eldorado Preserve or Galisteo Basin
We will meet at shed at 0800 for briefing, and discussion of what gear to take.
At the training site, we will go over several topics, to include vehicle assessment and clues,
trail search with clue detection and interpretation, line search with clue detection and interpretation, perhaps a dead body scene containment, and maybe even conclude with a live subject litter packaging and transport.
We will likely be joined by members from TSAR and ASAR so that we can increase our knowledge of working together.
This will be a GREAT training event – come on out!

Email sent out April 14, 2018:


Saturday, April 21, 2018 will be our monthly training. The training subject matter is one of our core competencies – search techniques and is presented once per year. Learning and reviewing your knowledge about this competency is important to keep you on top of your game as you serve on missions. Don’t put this off for another year especially if you are relatively new to SAR. Additionally, the training will add clue detection and interpretation along with litter packaging and transport of a subject. Several team leaders have volunteered to serve as instructors for this training allowing a low teacher to student ratio. This is designed to enhance the learning experience.

The objectives for the training are:
Learn search techniques used during search and rescue missions
Locate clues and determine their significance
Learn how to react to and communicate clues or “finds”
Learn how to assess, process and transport a subject
Work with members of other teams

The training day will begin at 8 am at the “shed”. Arrive before 8 am so we can begin promptly. The training will be conducted in the Galisteo Basin Preserve. Permission has been obtained for training in this area and you will be required to individually sign a waiver and release of liability. This will be done as you sign in on the NMSAR 211. Please observe leave no trace rules. The training is estimated to last all day so bring adequate water and food and don’t forget the sunscreen.

This training will include members of the Atalaya and Taos teams. We have worked with many of the members of these team on missions and now we have the opportunity to train with them. Please welcome them and get to know them better as we conduct this training.

To prepare yourselves for this training re-read chapter 4 of the Filed Certification Study Guide found at www. nmsarc.org. Bring your full search pack. If you want to check what is required for your search pack refer to the SOP-01 dated November 16, 2017. This is not yet on the website. If you need this SOP let me know. Additional things you may want to bring are binoculars, a permanent marker and trail tape. Bright clothing is also recommended so you can be easily seen on a line search. We will be using NMSAR 3 frequency (159.285) for communications and NAD 27 CONUS for navigational datum.

If you will be attending this training please reply to me as soon as possible and no later than Wednesday, April 18th. Your response is important to determine the amount of resources (human and material) to deploy for this training.

Jim Knight