For The Public

Learn more about the team, pick up some good tips here for a trip into the wilderness, whether it’s just for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks.

You’ll also find out about the Ten Essentials everyone should take with them into the wilderness, what you should do if you become lost (hint: DON’T PANIC!), how a SAR mission begins and runs in New Mexico, and much more.

Public Outreach

Looking for someone to give a presentation to your group on how to prepare yourself to enjoy the wilderness safely in New Mexico? Interested in learning how search and rescue works in our state? Let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

Please contact the Membership chair at:


Interested in hearing our story? Want to talk about search and rescue in New Mexico?

Please contact the team president at:

You may also download our informational brochure: SFSAR General Information

For information on active NMSAR missions, please contact the New Mexico State SAR Resource Officer:
Bob Rodgers
SAR Resource Officer
2501 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone: 505 841-9297

Public outreach presentation