In 1978, the State of New Mexico passed a law creating the Search and Rescue (SAR) Plan.

The plan was one of the first in the country and organized all SAR functions under a single entity, the New Mexico State Police. Up until then, and still today in many states of the U.S., SAR was handled at the local sheriff’s level. Within this statewide plan, provisions were made for the use of volunteer SAR individuals and teams. Shortly after this, many local teams sprang up.

In early 1994, Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group was founded by Eldorado resident Dave Burdett, who also served as its first president. Soon afterwards, Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group became a non-profit corporation within New Mexico and gained its Federal tax-exempt status under IRS section 501(c)3. Santa Fe Search and Rescue Group continues today with over fifty volunteer members under the direction of a four-member board of directors.

Funding is very limited and comes mainly from grants, member dues, donations and fund-raising events. Our team members buy their own personal gear, which sometimes can amount to thousands of dollars. The team provides as much team gear as is possible within our limited funding capabilities.

We appreciate any support you can give!

A Tribute to our founder, Dave Burdett (1923-2010)



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