The Ten Bare Essentials of Wilderness Travel

Don’t forget to put these Ten Bare Essentials in your pack:

  1. Navigation Aids: Topographic map; compass; GPS; mobile phone
  2. Sun Protection: Hat; sunglasses; sun screen; lip balm
  3. Extra Clothing: Wool hat; gloves; socks; rain gear
  4. Illumination: Small flashlight or headlight with spare batteries; fire-starting materials; waterproof matches; candle
  5. First-Aid Kit: Needles; thread; safety pin; fishing line; duct tape; medications
  6. Knife or Multi-Tool
  7. Hydration: Water
  8. Nourishment: Extra food; energy bars; trail mix
  9. Emergency Shelter: Space blanket; bivy sack
  10. Communication Aids: Whistle; signal mirror; PLBs, satellite messengers; mobile phone
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